Laser device development for you

One of our core businesses has been the original design provide service. Optical mouse and optical Joystick are good examples of our achievements. World’s leading companies such as Microsoft Corporation, KUKA Robotics, Yokogawa, are our joint-development partners for many years.
We are proud to state that Digital Stream has received Japanese National Award, “300 Product Misters in Japan”, and various technology awards not only in Japan but from oversea countries. It requires endless research works to be one of the leading companies in the field. But, it is our task and we enjoy it.
Our promise to the customers is simple. We provide the best of bests to you, and be a part of your team.

Optical mouse

Fluorescence Polarization Detection system

Lidar system


Audio division(DS Audio)

Digital Stream Corporation launched an audio brand called DS Audio from December 2013.
We are engaged in the development and sales of audio products using optical technology that we have cultivated for over 20 years.
For details, please see the DS Audio homepage below.

DS Audio Home page(English) is here→

DS Audio Official Facebook Account↓

Laser technology

Disk Test OPU unit    

Disk Test OPU  

Digital Stream is specialized for designing and manufacturing of Optical Pickup for Disc testing, Laser light source for various applications (for Medical applications, for Analytic laser devices ets) Our track record speaks for itself that Digital Stream Laser pickup unit has the world-top share in the field of optical disc testing. Based on our state-of-art laser technologies, we support various customers with the world top class laser devices.Please let us know your needs. We work with our customer as One-team.